Dr. Wei Sun, Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Wei Sun currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer for SunP Biotech. In addition, he is appointed as Albert Soffa Chair Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, with an affiliate appointment in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems at Drexel University. He is also a "1000 Plan" Professor at Tsinghua University. Dr. Sun has spent over 15 years of research and developed many of SunP's Patented and Core Technologies. Since the late 1990s Dr. Sun's work includes, but is not limited to: Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, CAD/CAM and Solid Freeform Fabrication. Dr. Sun has also founded and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the Biofabrication Journal, published by the Institute of Physics.

Dr. Qudus Hamid, Director of Engineering (USA)

Dr. Qudus Hamid gained his Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Wei Sun within the Biofabrication Laboratory at Drexel University (2009-2014). Dr. Hamid has developed a novel material deposition system and an integrated freeform fabrication device which lead to a total of over 10 first authorship and patent applications. Coupled with Dr. Sun, these two set a foundation for SunP Biotech to establish and grow the commercialization of their novel technologies in 3D Biofabrication (systems and products).

Dr. Yu Zhao, Director of Engineering (China)

Dr. Yu Zhao joined SunP Biotech in January 2017. Dr. Zhao has spent the last 5 years under the supervision of Dr. Wei Sun at Tsinghua University perfecting advanced biofabrication techniques and methods. Dr. Zhao had developed a core cooling apparatus for four independent deposition heads. Additionally, Dr. Zhao's work on printing an in vitro tumor model has been a feature within the Biofabrication Journal, which soon after had global interest and large media coverage.