SUNP Patented Mini Cell Printer

ALPHA-CPM1 is SunP’s smallest, most portable printer in the ALPHA cell printing series. It has most of the functions of ALPHA-CPM1, but with a small size suitable for portability and to directly operate in a biological hood. This printer has a resolution of 5 microns on X, Y, & Z axis, and snap-on printing heads that can be easily installed and exchanged.  



What Will You Do With Your Alpha?

100% Electro-Mechanical Device
Bio-compatible Print Heads (316 Stainless Steel)
0.005 mm XYZ Resolution
Print Heads with Interchangeable Micro-tips
Print Size: 120mm x 160mm x 50mm
External Dimensions: 360mm x 303mm x 306 mm
Fully Enclosed Environment With HEPA Filter + UV Sterilization
2 Nozzles