SunP Patented Desktop Cell Printer

ALPHA-CPD1 is a desktop/ benchtop bioprinter. This printer has a built-in HEPA filtration and UV sterilization system to maintain a sterile printing environment. The “build” area is completely isolated from the mechanical systems, providing a cell friendly environment. This printer offers 1-3 printing heads with a standard 10 mL BD syringe, commonly found in most research labs.

This desktop printer offers a UV head for localized treatment. There are several wavelengths to choose from ranging from 365nm to 405nm. Using precise/focused wavelengths ensure proper exposure and decrease fabrication/exposure time. Since this print head uses interchangeable micro-tips, the localize printer can be tuned to significantly reduce the impact of UV on your living cells. 

What Will You Do With Your Alpha?

100% Electro-Mechanical Device
Bio-compatible Print Heads (316 Stainless Steel)
150 PSI Applied Force
Print Size: 170mm x 285mm x 70mm
External Dimensions: 560mm x 425mm x 359 mm
Fully Enclosed HEPA Filter Environment + UV Sterilization
XYZ Resolution of 0.005 mm
UV Specific Wavelengths of 365nm to 405nm
No Bio-hood Required
Extremely Precise Motion with Built-in Anti-backlash