SunP Biotech offer's several lines of Bio-printers. All printers can be customized to meet your needs, including, but not limited to; fabrication platform, precision, chamber temperature, fabrication print-heads, print-head temperature.



Multi-nozzle Low-Temperature Deposition 3D Printing System

ALPHA-BP11 is a multi-nozzle 3D bioprinting system for tissue engineering scaffolds. Its Low-Temperature Deposition technique allows 3D printing of customized designed tissue scaffolds with a complex internal architecture. The unique Low Temperature Deposition method integrates the freeze-drying process to achieve both controlled macro pores (a few hundred microns) for tissue scaffolds and micro pores (10 ~ 50 microns) in the printed microfilament. Through layered printing, complex 3D tissue scaffolds can be produced. The fabricated scaffolds can undergo post-treatment with freeze-drying to obtain multi-level pores to improve its cell seeding density and cell growth.  In addition, the printing system is capable of printing biomaterials with high viscosity to form a designed architectural feature. The printing system is also equiped with an HD imaging acquisition system that can monitor the printing process.


Multi-nozzle 3D Cell Printing System

ALPHA-CPT1 is a tower style multi-nozzle 3D cell printing system  that allows bioprinting of complex 3D tissue constructs of in vitro biological models. This printing system offers a uniform temperature controlled printing environment for cell printing and for hydrogel structural formations. It also has a built-in HEPA filtration UV sterilization system. Additionally, this system has an HD imaging acquisition system that can monitor the printing process.


SUNP Patented Desktop Cell Printer

ALPHA-CPD1 is a desktop/ benchtop bioprinter. This printer has a built-in HEPA filtration and UV sterilization system to maintain a sterile printing environment. The “build” area is completely isolated from the mechanical systems, providing a cell friendly environment. This printer offers 2 printing heads with a standard 10 mL BD syringe, commonly found in most research labs.

This desktop printer also offers a UV head for localized treatment for hydrogel structural formation.



SUNP Patented Mini Cell Printer 

ALPHA-CPM1 is SunP’s smallest, most portable printer in the ALPHA cell printing series. It has most of the functions of ALPHA-CPM1, but with a small size suitable for portability and to directly operate in a biological hood. This printer has a resolution of 5 microns on X, Y, & Z axis, and snap-on printing heads that can be easily installed and exchanged.  

Natural Polymer Printing
Synthetic Polymer Printing
Biologics Printing
Cold (-10°C to 22°C) Printing
Cell Friendly (22°C to 37°C) Printing
Hot (37°C to 300°C) Printing
Localize Freeform Plasma Printing
Localize UV Printing
And More!