Multi-Nozzle Low-Temperature Deposition Manufacturing Printer

With In-built Freeze Dryer, Bioprinting Innovation meets Purpose.

ALPHA-BP ™ 11 is a multi-nozzle 3D bioprinter for tissue engineering scaffolds. Its Low-Temperature Deposition Manufacturing technique allows 3d printing of personalized tissue scaffolds within a subzero environment. This subzero environment is fully controlled to as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The unique manufacturing technology integrates the freeze-drying method to achieve both controlled macro pores (100 microns) and micro pores (10 microns) in the printed microfilament.

Through layered printing, complex 3D tissue scaffolds can be produced. Additionally, scaffolds can undergo post-treatment with freeze-drying to obtain multi-level pores and improve its cell seeding density, which significantly enhances cell growth within the scaffold. In addition, this printer uses high-precision screw nozzles to print biomaterials with high viscosity while preserving its desired architectural features. It also has a HD video system that can record and track the print area.



Working Temperature

No. Of Nozzles

Nozzle Types

Nozzle Temperature

Printing Resolution

Video System

PLGA, PU, Other biomaterials supporting Freeze drying method

– 30°C to Room Temperature

2 – 4


Room Temperature – 80°C

50 μm (Viscosity/Material Dependent)

SunP HD Camera (Partial Printing Area Tracking)


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