SunP Patented Desktop Cell Printer

Your go-to Desktop/ Benchtop Bioprinter

ALPHA-CPD1 is a desktop/ benchtop bioprinter. This printer has a built-in HEPA filtration and UV sterilization system to maintain a sterile printing environment. The “build” area is completely isolated from the mechanical systems, providing a cell friendly environment. This printer offers 1-3 printing heads with a standard 10 mL BD syringe, commonly found in most research labs.

This desktop printer offers a UV head for localized treatment. There are several wavelengths to choose from ranging from 365nm to 405nm. Using precise/focused wavelengths ensure proper exposure and decrease fabrication/exposure time. Since this print head uses interchangeable micro-tips, the localize printer can be tuned to significantly reduce the impact of UV on your living cells.



Working Temperature

No. Of Nozzles

Nozzle Types

Nozzle Temperature

Printing Resolution

UV Head (Wavelength Specific)

Gelatin, Sodium Alginate, GelMA, Matrigel, and other cellular bioinks

Room Temperature

1 – 4

SunP Screw-Driven & SunP Photo-Cure

Room Temperature

100 μm (Viscosity/Material Dependent)

265 – 410 nm


Take a peek into the ALPHA-CPD1.

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