SunP Patented Mini Cell Printer

Smart Design. Smarter Bioprinter.

ALPHA-CPM1 is SunP’s smallest, most portable printer in the ALPHA cell printing series. It has most of the functions of ALPHA-CPD1, but with a small size suitable for portability and to directly operate in a biological hood. This printer has a resolution of 5 microns on X, Y, & Z axis, and snap-on printing heads that can be easily installed and exchanged.



Working Temperature

No. Of Nozzles

Nozzle Types

Nozzle Temperature

Printing Resolution

Gelatin, Sodium Alginate, GelMA, Matrigel, and other cellular bioinks

Room Temperature

1 – 3

SunP Micro-Piston

Room Temperature

100 μm (Viscosity/Material Dependent)


Take a peek into the ALPHA-CPM1.

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