Multi-Nozzle 3D Cell Printing System

Revolutionizing Bioprinting with Ease.

ALPHA-CPT1 is a tower style multi-nozzle 3D cell printing system that allows bioprinting of complex 3D tissue constructs of in vitro biological models. This printing system offers a uniform temperature controlled printing environment for cell printing and for hydrogel structural formations. It also has a built-in HEPA filtration UV sterilization system. Additionally, this system has an HD imaging acquisition system that can monitor the printing process.



Working Temperature

No. Of Nozzles

Nozzle Types

Nozzle Temperature

Printing Resolution

Video System

Gelatin, Sodium Alginate, GelMA, Matrigel, and other cellular bioinks

Room Temperature

1 – 4

Micro-motor driven

Room Temperature – 80°C

50 μm (Viscosity/Material Dependent)

SunP HD Camera (Partial Printing Area Tracking)


Take a peek into the ALPHA-CPT1.

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