Academia Partnerships
At SunP we understand that sometimes many of the equipment and devices that are critically needed to conduct our research task can be out of reach. This may be due to to high cost of such devices. SunP works with all of our academic partners with collaborative approaches to create a bridge to access many of the advanced technologies offered at SunP Biotech. Contact us to day and let us put a patented bioprinter in your research lab today!
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Industrial Partnerships
SunP offers an extensive line of Biofabrication technologies. We understand that there might be a need to utilize some of the technologies that your firm has developed. SunP provides a portal in which developed tech from our industry partners are integrated into SunP's tech to provide advanced solutions to meet your needs.
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Lease your Printer Today!

Leasing is SunP’s most flexible option of getting a high tech printer in your research lab. SunP’s personalize lease are designed around your needs; choose the terms, printing technologies, pricing, and more.

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